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Trigg Food

Trigg Food is a catering company based in Hay-on-Wye and the surrounding areas. They match your vision and find inspiration to create delicious food for bespoke events. They collaborate and work with the best suppliers to ensure everything is fresh, in season and locally sourced. 

Case Study

Stuart Cooper is a filmmaker and Jiujitsu competitor known for producing some of the most popular short films and documentaries on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Client Brief

Trigg Food is a gourmet catering company based in the beautiful town of Hay-on-Wye, Powys. Previously and given they had a great local reputation, they had relied on word of mouth for bookings and were running the business part time on the side of their full time jobs in the same field. The clients wanted to expand the business so that they can eventually take it full time. They wanted a website that could be easily found on google to draw in new clients, that the site reflected their rustic approach to fine dining but didn’t make them look niche, showing that they are versatile  and cater bespoke food to any event or party.


The main challenge for this project was finding a way to use the images provided in a way that would make the site flow well and still took clean and modern. Because the images were all in instagram format, they were all square and fairly low quality making it difficult to impossible to use them as hero images or allowing them to span the width of the page. We circumnavigated this problem by using professional, licenced stock images for hero sections where needed and used the client’s instagram images sparingly throughout to help the pages flow and enhance the user experience. By designing the pages this way, the site user benefits from the beautiful aesthetics of the images whilst not being distracted from the information content of the site. 

One of the most important qualities of the site was to be easily found on google in order to draw in potential new clients. We achieved this by tailoring the SEO (search engine optimisation) to react to select key words that people type when searching on google resulting in a fast uptake in business for the client. 

Kind Words From The Customer

"I can't rate Dawndog more highly. We saw our bookings increase noticeably within weeks of the site launching. By far the best investment we've made for the business"
Billy Trigg

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