Case Study

Irish Sacred Wells

Irish Sacred Wells offers private walking tours through the world famous heritage site of Glendalough and the surrounding hills and coast of Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Client Brief

Our client wanted to upscale her business from a local, Facebook group-based side-line to a private walking tours business. Her focus was on attracting small groups and individuals interested in the historical and spiritual elements of the area as well those wanting time to focus on relaxation and nature awareness. She wanted all of these elements to be reflected in her new website and also to showcase the beauty of the natural environment.


After carefully studying our client’s product, the Dawndog team chose to feature a booking form on the landing page so all visitors to the site could immediately know the product on offer and the various options available. We selected beautiful yet subdued images with mystical and artistic qualities to reflect the type of clientele Rosaleen is hoping to attract. We advised how to best present her business and chose quotes and headlines to enhance the message. We featured her media presence on the footer of each page and will continue to support and update that platform as needed.

Kind Words From The Customer

"Dawndog helped me turn a hobby into a business. I now feel confident advertising my walking tours on various tourism platforms. Bookings have increased and I've had some interesting contacts from academics, historians and artists.
It's really put me on the map!"
Rosaleen Durkin
Tour guide & Entrepreneur

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